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Diversified Investment Opportunities

Aberdeen Asset Management is one of the world's largest independent asset managers by assets under management. We are based in 26 countries with 39 offices, over 700 investment professionals and around 2,700 employees overall. Our assets under management were £302.6 billion as at 31 December 2016.

As a pure asset manager without the distractions of other financial services activities, we are free to focus all our resources on our core expertise. Investment strategies are only managed for third parties – with our own balance sheet only ever being used to seed fund
launches – allowing us to put client interests first. We are also one of the few standalone asset managers to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. By managing our business to the same standards we demand in the companies in which we invest, we ensure the interests of our clients and of our shareholders are completely aligned.

 From disruption to empowerment

How are investors and their advisers dealing with a world of uncertainty; and what's needed from industryand policymakers to ensure that instead of being overwhelmed by a torrent of change, investors are supported and empowered?

We recently held a conference exploring the issue of disruption and looking ways that the industry is adapting in order to be empowered by these changes. Speakers included: Rt Hon George Osborne CH MP, Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon MSP, Michael Harte (Barlcays), Eileen Burbidge (Passion Capital), Richard Peterson (Psychiatrist & Investment Adviser) and Jennifer Erickson (Innovation Policy Expert), along with a host of Aberdeen speakers. 

Click here to view the research report from this event.

Latest Views

UK Autumn Statement 2016

Click here to read Aberdeen Asset Management's response to the Autumn Statement.

Globalisation and its discontents

2016 will go down as a landmark year. The UK's exit from the EU and the election of Donald Trump as US President appear to challenge the process of global integration giving voice to a new populist agenda. Gregg McClymont (GM), Head of Retirement Savings at Aberdeen, chairs a panel to discuss changing attitudes to globalisation and where we go from here, with John McDermott (JM), Global Public Policy Editor at The Economist magazine, Iain Martin (IM), political commentator and author and Lucy O'Carroll (LO'C), Chief Economist at Aberdeen. To read more click here.

The new political landscape

Aberdeen Asset Management's Head of Retirement, Gregg McClymont, was joined by two former Cabinet ministers to discuss the politics of Brexit: John Redwood MP, Chief Global Strategist for Charles Stanley Pan Asset, and the Rt Hon Douglas Alexander, Senior Fellow at Harvard University’s Kennedy School. The panel provided a fascinating insight into the key events and considerations that will shape the exit negotiations and the potential impacts on the investment environment. To read more click here.

The Times They Are A-Changin'...

Generating income has always been an important consideration for investors. But the way in which income is generated has changed a lot in recent years. To read more click here.

Aberdeen Investment Insight Columns

We are all actuaries now (May 2017)

Death and taxes are inevitable, as the saying goes. So too, increasingly, is individual responsibility for retirement. Gregg McClymont, Head of Retirement at Aberdeen Asset Management discusses why we are all actuaries now. Click here to read more. 

Diversification in a post-Brexit world (October 2016)

Political risk has certainly risen in Europe, but the same sentiment that prompted the Brexit vote can be felt across much of the world. Click here to read more. 

Towards a new pensions settlement (May 2016)

In an enlightening discussion chaired by Joanne Segars, CEO of PLSA, Gregg McClymont, Head of Retirement Savings at Aberdeen Asset Management discussed the main findings in his recent book, 'Towards a new pensions settlement: the International Experience', with Mel Duffield, Head of Product Strategy at USS, David Fairs, President of the Association of Consulting Actuaries and Morten Nilsson, CEO of NOW: Pensions. Click here to read more.

Aberdeen Webcasts 

Property as an asset class for income generation

Andrew Allen, Head of Global Property Research & Strategy, Aberdeen Asset Management, discusses property as an income asset class, key market changes and the impact of these on property yields in terms of challenges and opportunities. Click here to watch. 


Brexit and UK Pensions: separating the signals from the noise

Aberdeen’s Head of Retirement Gregg McClymont on the issues UK pension scheme managers will be thinking about following the Brexit decision. Click here to watch.


GM New


 Asset TV Future of Retirement Masterclass

Gregg McClymont joins a panel of experts in this Asset TV Masterclass to discuss the future of the UK retirement market. The panel looks at the impact of recent macro events, changes in policy and tax relief, how to get people to save more and the need for stability. Click here to watch.



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