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11 June 2020

June update: PMI Mentoring and Development Programme

Sponsored by the People's Pension in collaboration with the Institute of Leadership and Management.

We launched our first Mentoring and Development Programme, sponsored by the People's Pension, on 2 March 2020, shortly before the start of the COVID-19 lockdown. 

To successful complete the one-year programme the mentors and the mentees were required to meet a minimum of 6 times face to face. As a result of the lockdown, this requirement was changed so the pairs could conduct the meetings virtually.

We are pleased to announce all our twenty pairs have continued to be engaged in the programme with many of our pairs having already had multiple meetings.

Corey Cook is our first mentee to complete all 49 ILM My Leadership modules and during this challenging period he was able to find the time whilst taking his young children to the park every day to work through the modules. This is a fantastic achievement and a great example of successful multi-tasking. Corey Cook, Quatchi Enterprises, said: “The ILM program provided me with the current best practice in leadership skills and updated my thinking. The assessment process is very useful as you can focus on the areas with which you have a different viewpoint”.

Anna Darnley, Smart Pensions, said: “I’m thoroughly enjoying the mentoring programme; I’m able to draw on from my mentor [Robert]’s wealth of experience, while developing my soft skills through TILM’s comprehensive and engaging training modules. All of which is very helpful as work towards the Professional Trustee Accreditation.”

We look forward to a catch up with the mentors on the programme later this month, giving them an opportunity to share their tips and techniques with each other as well as providing feedback on how they feel the programme has gone so far.

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