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Mentoring and Development Programme 2021-22
5 March 2021

Mentoring and Development Programme 2021-22

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our second Mentoring and Development programme delivered in conjunction with the Institute of Leadership and Management and sponsored by The People’s Pension. Following a highly successful pilot, we have expanded the initiative to welcome many more mentees and mentors to the programme.

We hope the participants enjoy the second programme as much as our first cohort did.

Throughout 2020 we remained in close contact with all pairs, having several virtual catch-ups with our mentors and mentees throughout the year to discuss the progress of the programme. We want to thank all our participants for providing such valuable feedback and useful tips for how we can make the programme even more successful for years to come.

The PMI have taken this on board, and we will be providing more support and useful information for our participants to ensure they remain on track for a successful completion of the year long programme in March 2022.

Our pairs have been carefully matched up based on their profile and development needs.

We will be following the progress of our mentors and mentees throughout the year so keep an eye out for progress updates from the participants themselves.

We want to say a huge thanks to all our participants who have completed our first programme and we hope you make the most of your newly acquired skills and knowledge.

Mentoring and Development Programme 2020
Mentee testimonials

“I have really enjoyed getting to know my mentor. Her experience and knowledge has really helped me to explore some of the areas I was wanting to get a better grasp of. Her regular emails of things she thought I would find beneficial have been really interesting and have enabled me to take part in webinars etc. that I would have otherwise been unaware of.”

Louise Fearn, ITV

“If there is anyone sitting on the fence, not knowing whether to join the program or not, then it’s a no brainer for me; you simply must put your name forward. There is lots to gain and you can talk freely; your career is important to you and this program will help you get to where you want faster.”

Timothy Kuria

“Conversations with mentor - having the ability to get an independent view on things and taking the time out/away from the day-to-day to have these conversations/focus on the bigger picture.”

Hanna Crossfield, UK Power Networks

“Getting to know another professional from a similar background; being able to talk and discuss ideas; see how other people work in different companies.”

Kate Baxter, Barnett Waddingham

“The Institute of Leadership and Management resources have been very interesting and insightful and exceeded my expectations. There is such a great range of topics that whatever your interests or backgrounds there is a host that would be useful for anyone’s personal development. The ‘managing upwards’ and ‘dealing with conflict’ topics I found particularly useful.

Having the opportunity to talk to a mentor who earlier in their career would have been in my situation who was willing to share their personal experiences of what they have found in their career. From techniques they used to retain information for exams to how to present skills and experience in interviews.”

Stewart Mott, Prospect
Mentor testimonials

“Work to the preferred style of the mentee, rather like a university tutorship. Some prefer structured discussion on syllabus topics, some prefer more holistic discussion around work in general.”

Liam Broderick FPMI, Premier Pensions Management Ltd

“Get as much info as you can from your mentee. Identify early on what they want to get out of the course.

I have enjoyed our meetings. It has been interesting to hear experiences from someone in a different department of the industry and at a different company.”

Stuart Briely APMI, First Actuarial LLP

“I would encourage mentors to be open about their experiences and share events that have not gone well. That is potentially much more useful to mentees than sharing experience of success. Also, I suggest being as flexible as possible and to focus on the mentee’s needs."

Nigel Bottom FPMI, Motorola Solutions UK Limited

“I feel like I have helped my mentee with tips and techniques for upwards and peer management and to think about what aspects of their role they really enjoy in terms of future career focus.”

Nicola Morgan FPMI, Fujitsu Services

“Allowing my mentee to discuss any work-related and study issues frankly and openly.”

Liam Broderick FPMI, Premier Pensions Management Ltd

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Pensions Projects Specialist – Very Flexible working

Salary: £35000 - £45000 pa

Location: Essex or Hampshire – Very flexible working

Pensions Quality Analyst

Salary: £25000 - £40000 pa

Location: Work for Home or Office locations countrywide

Client Relationship Manager

Salary: £30000 - £50000 pa

Location: Bristol / Home based with need to attend Bristol office

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