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No Member Left Behind
8 October 2021

No Member Left Behind

Technical News October 2021. 

Designing an inclusive engagement strategy


like minds’ NO MEMBER LEFT BEHINDᵀᴹ (#NMLB) campaign is driven by the need to ensure that nobody feels that “saving for the future” isn’t for them because of the way that we engage them.

Our purpose is to find a way of engaging people that’s based on equity, giving people what they need, rather than equality, where everyone gets the same one-size fits all approach. Equity recognises the importance of the individual, so that they feel spoken to, considered and listened to on their journey to retirement.

That’s what NO MEMBER LEFT BEHINDᵀᴹ is all about – understanding people’s needs and responding appropriately.

That means shifting our mindset so that those of us who need more help, different access or additional support, aren’t considered an after thought or a problem to solve. Considering and catering for a diversity of experience and need should be built in from the beginning of any engagement strategy.

To do this well we have to be mindful of our differences, understand why representation is important and how stereotyping and lazy assumptions can be harmful. Perhaps most importantly of all, we have to be open to new ways of thinking, challenging ourselves and our preconceptions.

Ultimately, we want to make the pension experience more human – not just for some but for all.

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Last update: 6 October 2021

like minds

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