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14 June 2020

DC benefit statements: How to communicate alarming news effectively

Shocks to the stock market leave people worrying that their pension pot has been hammered. When people are worried they look for simplicity and certainty. When they feel powerless they look for something they can do – anything. This leads to action – simple, certain action – that isn’t always in their best interests. You know that when the next statement lands, the figures might be alarming. You can’t hide that.

So how do you give people the bad news in a way that helps people think about the long-term? In a way that builds trust instead of damaging it? In a way that makes them feel like their pension is still worthwhile?

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Last update: 14 July 2020

Tim Middleton
Tim Middleton
Director of Policy and External Affairs
Joe Craig
Joe Craig
Development Lead

In-House Pensions Manager

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