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9 October 2020

ESG and sustainability – Master Trust and their approach to sustainable investment

Mark Thompson has been involved in pension investment for well over 30 years and has been an innovator in the application of ESG to DC investment management. Lesley Alexander, Vice President, PMI will ask Mark to discuss from a personal perspective how he has seen ESG evolve over time, his views on regulatory change and practical applications of ESG that could be useful to PMI members who are on their own ESG journey. 

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Last update: 22 September 2020

Lesley Alexander
Lesley Alexander
Vice President
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson
UBS Pension Scheme
Chair of the Investment Committee

FTC 3mth Senior/Pensions Administrators – Home Working

Salary: £26000 - £33000 pa

Location: London

Senior Pensions Adminisrator

Salary: £25000 - £30000 pa

Location: South Yorkshire

Team Manager - Projects

Salary: £36000 - £45000 pa

Location: Birmingham City Centre