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14 June 2020

Impact on the markets of different COVID-19 exit strategies

This webinar brings together speakers from The Pensions SuperFund, Clara-Pensions and Law Debenture to discuss consolidation, as a potential exit strategy for pension schemes. Speakers will examine the new TPR interim regime and discuss how DB consolidation is likely to develop particularly in light of COVID-19 developments. The panel will answer pertinent questions including: Under what circumstances might a trustee board consider consolidation? What are the risks? And when is consolidation likely to begin.


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Tim Middleton
Tim Middleton
Director of Policy and External Affairs
Adam Saron
Adam Saron
Founder and CEO
Antony Barker
Antony Barker
The Pension SuperFund
Managing Director
Alan Baker
Alan Baker
Law Debenture

DC Administration Team Leader

Salary: £30000 - £40000 pa

Location: England, Ipswich, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol

Home based Senior Pensions Administrators, Perm&FTC until Dec21

Salary: £25000 - £31000 pa

Location: England

Senior DC Pension Administrator

Salary: £25000 - £35000 pa

Location: England, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester, Derby, Ipswich