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9 October 2020

Improving financial resilience for defined contribution savers

Today and long into the future, most UK households will feel the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

With many experiencing dramatic changes in their circumstances as a result of unemployment, furloughing on reduced income, or loss of self-employed earnings, the pandemic has shone a light on the need for both short and longer-term savings.

In this session, Jo Phillips and Mark Rowlands will share insights on UK household income, debt, consumption and savings behaviours before and during Covid-19, and discuss the savings tools and approaches that could support people as they look to recover and rebuild financial resilience. Examples include the sidecar savings model currently being trialled by Nest Insight. Join this talk to find out more about the trial and the unit’s upcoming research.

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Last update: 25 November 2020

Tim Middleton
Tim Middleton
Director of Policy and External Affairs
Jo Phillips
Jo Phillips
Nest Insight
Director of Research and Innovation
Mark Rowlands
Mark Rowlands
Customer Experience Director

Senior Pensions Administrator

Salary: £40000 pa

Location: London (City), (currently home working with long-term remote working an option)

Pensions Covenant Consultant

Salary: £70000 pa

Location: Various office locations around the UK an option alongside home working

Pensions Covenant Senior Associate

Salary: £55000 pa

Location: Various locations across the UK alongside partial home working also an option