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9 October 2020

Moving to Master Trust – the end of your governance responsibilities?

Corporates often see one of the benefits of moving to Master Trust as a reduction in the governance burden. But are there risks to a transfer and forget governance strategy?

Hymans Robertson increasingly sees their corporate clients setting up Governance Committees to oversee Master Trust's participation, holding the provider to account and in some cases, contemplating the little chartered water of a Master Trust to Master Trust transfer.

In this talk, they explore how this newer type of DC Governance body differs from the traditional single-trust body and our experiences of how these Committees work in practice.

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Laura Andrikopoulos
Laura Andrikopoulos
Hymans Robertson
Head of Governance Consulting

FTC 3mth Senior/Pensions Administrators – Home Working

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Location: London

Senior Pensions Adminisrator

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Team Manager - Projects

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