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23 September 2020

North West Regional Group: Investing in and sponsoring pensions in 2020; some topical challenges discussed

The “Chinese puzzle”

No, not Covid (or at least, not just Covid) but “May you live in interesting times”.

On the assumption we think there will be a future (certain political leaders seem quite keen to pick a fight at the moment), how should we save for our future retirement?

We face increasing volatility in world investment markets along with uncertainty in healthcare, employment and politics. How do we protect our members against:

  • Market volatility driven by Covid
  • Trump v China (and anyone who isn't Trump) antagonism
  • The decimation of the hospitality and retail sectors
  • A no-deal Brexit
  • Potential pressure on interest rates
  • Not to mention tax policies

But before we decide to put all our money under the mattress, what would be the downside of no exposure to markets and can we afford to take that risk?

What can we learn from historic volatility without just locking ourselves away for a few years?

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Last update: 19 November 2020

Nathan Robinson
Nathan Robinson
North West Regional Chair
Andy Cheseldine
Andy Cheseldine
Capital Cranfield
Professional Trustee

Senior Pensions Administrator

Salary: £40000 pa

Location: London (City), (currently home working with long-term remote working an option)

Pensions Covenant Consultant

Salary: £70000 pa

Location: Various office locations around the UK an option alongside home working

Pensions Covenant Senior Associate

Salary: £55000 pa

Location: Various locations across the UK alongside partial home working also an option