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15 March 2021

Northern Ireland Regional Group: Where are we now and what barriers remain to get GMP Equalisation done?

It is now more than two years since the Lloyds judgment and with the recent follow-on judgment on past transfer values, the industry is making a major push to start to implement GMP Equalisation. 

This session will explore the current legal & administration challenges facing schemes dealing with GMP Equalisation and explain why solving GMP Equalisation does not need to be as complicated as it first seems.

  • GMP reconciliation and rectification
  • Data
  • Back payments and prioritisation of members
  • Equalisation method and cost comparisons
  • Past transfers
  • Communications
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Last update: 26 February 2021

Brian Quinn
Brian Quinn
Northern Ireland Regional Chair
Vicky Mullins
Vicky Mullins
XPS Pensions Group
Head of GMP Equalisation
Chris Crighton
Chris Crighton

Senior Communications Consultant

Salary: £38000 - £48000 pa

Location: London

Lead Communications Consultant - London or Yorkshire

Salary: £50000 - £60000 pa

Location: London

Senior Pensions Administrator

Salary: £31500 - £34000 pa

Location: Birmingham City Centre

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