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4 November 2020

Pensions Dashboard progress what should schemes / providers be focusing on apart from Data standards

Update on progress of the pensions Schemes Bill 2019/20 - any impact on administration.


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Last update: 18 January 2021

Chris Curry
Chris Curry
Pensions Dashboards Programme
Chris Connelly
Chris Connelly
Pensions Expert

DC Administration Team Leader

Salary: £30000 - £40000 pa

Location: England, Ipswich, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol

Home based Senior Pensions Administrators, Perm&FTC until Dec21

Salary: £25000 - £31000 pa

Location: England

Senior DC Pension Administrator

Salary: £25000 - £35000 pa

Location: England, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester, Derby, Ipswich