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17 December 2020

Taking the Pulse of the pensions industry

As we review the outputs from our fifth PMI Pulse survey, we felt it may be worthwhile looking to see if any trends were emerging. 

The aim was to not only find out what the industry felt on key hot topics but also to ascertain if opinions regarding policy and The Pensions Regulator (TPR) were showing any movement. Join this webinar to hear the results presented by Lesley Alexander, PMI President, and Darren Philp, Smart Pensions, Member of the PMI Policy and Public Affairs Committee.

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Last update: 8 December 2020

Lesley Alexander
Lesley Alexander
Darren Philp
Darren Philp
Smart Pension
Director of Policy and Communication, Member of the PMI Policy and Public Affairs Committee

Senior Investment Analyst

Salary: £40000 - £60000 pa

Location: Cheltenham, Bristol, Birmingham

Senior Pension Fund Accountant

Salary: £38000 - £45000 pa

Location: Birmingham, Cheltenham, Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds

Senior Pension Administrators

Salary: £33000 - £38000 pa

Location: Birmingham