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16 June 2021

What should trustees look for when selecting a bulk annuity provider?


Research with professional trustees has shown that most take financial strength for granted. This session will reveal what trustees and PMI members think really matters and why.


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Last update: 8 July 2021

Peter Neville
Peter Neville
Committee Member
Andrea Collins
Andrea Collins
Senior Corporate Development Manager
Jerry Gandhi
Jerry Gandhi
2020 Trustees
Trustee Director
Tiziana Perrella
Tiziana Perrella
Dalriada Trustees
Professional Trustee

De-Risking Transitions Manager

Salary: £70000 - £80000 pa

Location: Hertfordshire

Pensions Analyst

Salary: £30000 - £40000 pa

Location: Home-based with option of attending Hampshire or London offices as desired

Pension Administrator

Salary: £20000 - £40000 pa

Location: Glasgow