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Our Fellows are well respected in the industry and Fellowship is highly prized. Fellows of the PMI are required to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) each year.  For further details see the CPD page.

The criteria for Fellowship are as follows:

  • five years continuous Associate membership of the PMI
  • five years continuous CPD recorded with the PMI (see transitional arrangements below)
  • contribution and achievement in the wider pensions and retirement savings industry (a brief summary of relevant activities is normally sufficient)
  • the application must be verified by a current Fellow of the PMI. The sponsoring Fellow will be expected to confirm that the work in the wider pensions industry is consistent with the requirements and of a suitable standard for a prospective Fellow of the PMI

Contribution and achievement in the wider pensions and retirement savings industry

This can be achieved through work with with PMI or elsewhere and some examples are shown below. The list is not exhaustive but is intended as a guide on what is necessary to achieve a successful application for Fellowship.

Working with the PMI – examples of this could be:

  • take an active role in the PMI Study Support Partner scheme
  • provide support to the PMI in terms of examination setting or marking
  • mentoring Student Members for PMI examinations for a minimum period of two years
  • presenting and/or leading discussions at PMI events
  • contributing articles for Pensions Aspects (see below)
  • contributing to PMI responses to government initiatives

Working for the Pensions Industry – examples of this could be:

  • publication of a portfolio of work
  • presenting at non-PMI public events on key issues relating to the pensions industry. A summary of the key themes of the event, the main points of the presentation and professional standing of the audience (e.g. 'audience consisted of members of CII, CISI, PMI up to Fellowship level') must be provided
  • leadership of online forums on subjects relating to pensions and retirement benefits
  • making significant contributions to responses on government policy initiatives
  • working as a voluntary adviser on pensions and retirement savings (e.g. TPAS adviser)

Transitional arrangements

The change from three years CPD to five years CPD requires transitional arrangements to ensure that Associate Members have the opportunity to complete the necessary CPD.

Therefore, the following transitional arrangements are in place:

  • applications received by the PMI on or before 31 December 2012 will require three years continuous CPD
  • applications received by the PMI in calendar year 2013 will require four years continuous CPD
  • applications received by the PMI in calendar year 2014 will require five years continuous CPD

Becoming a Fellow

Please use this application form to apply to become a PMI Fellow and return it to the PMI together with:

  • any supporting documentation we have asked for (i.e. evidence of your eligibility)
  • payment to cover the election fee and the annual subscription

Please click on the relevant links for:

When to apply

You can apply to become a Fellow at any time of the year. Please note however the PMI membership year runs from 1 September to 31 August and we do not offer pro-rata rates.

FCA regulated activities

PMI Fellows are qualified to undertake certain FCA regulated activities. Details can be found here.

Code of Professional Conduct

As a member of the PMI you are required to adhere to our Code of Professional Conduct. Click here to download a copy of the Code of Professional Conduct.

For further details contact the Membership Department at membership@pensions-pmi.org.uk or on 020 7392 7410.