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Where are examinations held?

There are two public examinations per year; March and September. Public examinations will be at exam venues in the following locations:

Edinburgh (September only)
Glasgow (March only)

Alternatively, if your organisation is an approved exam venue you can sit the exam in-house.

We will advise you of the exact location at least two weeks prior to the examination date.

Examination papers

The syllabus is examined by a 90 minute examination.  The examination is in the form of 90 multiple choice questions, including some multiple true false quesitons, designed to test knowledge across the syllabus.

Each question on the examination paper scores one mark.  All questions should be attempted; there is no difference in marking between a wrong answer and one left unanswered.

Examination grades

There are two grades for this examination (P) pass or (F) fail.

The nominal pass mark is 75%.

Publication of results

Results are sent to candidates as soon as they are available approximately six weeks after the examination.  We will not communicate results to a candidate’s employer.

How to enter for the examination

An application form can be downloaded from the forms page.

It is very important to note the deadline date for entries.

Examination regulations

It is a condition of acceptance of an examination entry that candidates carefully read the examination regulations and agree to abide by them. Click here to view the examination regulations. Further instructions to candidates pertaining to the conduct of the examination are sent with the admission permit.


Candidates who pass the examination receive a certificate which will be included in their results letter/confirmation.

PMI Membership

Candidates who successfully complete the qualification will be entitled to apply to become Certificate Members of PMI and use the designation CertPMI after their name.

Please click here for more information about PMI membership.

Special circumstances

Candidates who may require special arrangements for reasons of disability or similar should contact the PMI.  Sufficient time should be allowed for such requests to be considered and for any arrangements to be made.  All requests should be received by the closing date for entries at the latest.

Arrangements for Special Consideration

Special consideration can be given to an individual who has temporarily experienced illness or injury or some other circumstance outside his or her control (such as problems at the exam centre such as noise or disturbance) that may have impacted on performance or attainment.  Please click here for the PMI Policy on Special Consideration.

Complaints and Appeals

The PMI is committed to providing fair and consistent examination, verification, approval and assessment processes.

Details of the PMI's complaints and appeals policy for multi-choice examinations are available here.

Malpractice and Maladministration Policy

PMI has a responsibility to have in place policies and procedures to prevent malpractice and/or maladministration in the development, delivery and award of its qualifications.  PMI is applying this policy to ALL of its qualifications whether they are regulated or not.

This policy is aimed at PMI’s customers, including candidates taking our qualifications and centres delivering, awarding and accommodating the assessment of PMI examinations and/or workbased assessments within or outside the UK.



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