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The oral assessment is conducted over a telephone conversation between candidate and assessor. The conversation is of 15 minutes duration (approx.). The assessor poses as a pension scheme member seeking guidance. The topic of the oral assessment could range across the breadth of the syllabus. The interview is recorded for the purposes of moderation.

Oral Assessment

In order to attempt the oral assessment it is necessary to have completed the tests and assignments within the online learning programme.

Additional instructions and an application form for the oral assessment can be found in the links at the bottom of this page.

The oral assessment takes place at times specified in the study timetable which can be found in the links at the bottom of this page.

Test specification

A test specification is available at the bottom of this page.


There are two grades for this assessment (P) pass or (F) fail.

Publication of results

Results are sent to candidates as soon as they are available after the oral assessment.  We will not communicate results to a candidate’s employer.


Candidates who pass the qualification receive a certificate which will be included in their oral assessment results letter/confirmation.

Qualification regulations

It is a condition of acceptance of a qualification entry that candidates carefully read the regulations and agree to abide by them. Click here to view the regulations.

Special circumstances

Candidates who may require special arrangements for reasons of disability or similar should contact the PMI.  Sufficient time should be allowed for such requests to be considered and for any arrangements to be made. 


In all circumstances, our liability is limited to a complete refund of the entry fee paid for the qualification concerned.


  1. Member Guidance Test Specification

    Member Guidance Test Specification

  2. Member Guidance Qualification Regulations

    Member Guidance Qualification Regulations

  3. Member Guidance Instructions for Oral Assessment Candidates

    Additional Instructions for the Oral Assessment

  4. Member Guidance March 2017 Assessment Report

    Report on the March 2017 Assessment.

  5. Member Guidance June 2017 Assessment Report

    Report on the June 2017 Assessment

  6. Member Guidance October 2017 Assessment Report

    Report on the October 2017 assessment

  7. Member Guidance January 2018 Assessment Report

    Report on the January 2018 Assessment Report

  8. Member Guidance April 2018 Assessment Report