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Online learning programme

A comprehensive online learning programme has been produced.  It is designed for self study and it is recommended that 120-150 hours should be spent on study before attempting the oral assessment.This will of course depend on the level of familiarity with the material.

The online learning programme covers the current syllabus which was based on the law and practice of the United Kingdom as it existed on 6 April 2017 unless stated otherwise.

Updates to the material will be produced if and when they become necessary. Students will be advised of the availaibility of updates.

The online learning programme gateway can be accessed at www.pmi-learning.org.uk

Click here for details on how to access your online learning material.

Registered users can login and new users can register using access keys provided by PMI.


There are a number of assignments within the online learning programme:

(1) Test Assignment.   This takes for the form of a single multiple choice type test. This is delivered via an online testing portal. It is designed to cover Modules 1-4.  The test can be attempted at various times throughout the year.

(2) Case Study Assignments.  These comprise case study type questions and there is a separate assignment for each of Modules 5-11.  These assignments can be sumbitted via the online learning programme. The case studies can be attempted at various times throughout the year.

These assignments must be completed before the oral assessment can be attempted.

Study Timetable

The study timetable contains further information on the testing windows and deadlines for submission of assignments.  The latest version can be found at the bottom of this page.

Sample assignment questions

Further details on assessment and a selection of sample assignment questions are available in the test specification.


  1. Member Guidance Test Specification

    Member Guidance Test Specification

  2. Member Guidance Online Access Instructions

    Member Guidance Online Access Instructions