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The Qualification is made up of eighteen units of which ten must be completed to achieve the qualification. Candidates must complete all ten units to gain the qualification and claim a final certificate.

How the units are assessed

Units are assessed in-house via examination/written question and answer. They are compiled, carried out and marked in-house at the end of each unit training session.

Assessment questions must be written in such a way to allow the candidate to achieve all of the learning outcomes listed in each unit. A candidate passes the unit if all learning outcomes have been satisfied.

2017 onwards version

This qualification has been revised and full details published in the Qualification Specification which can be found in the links at the bottom of this page. 

Pre 2017 unit guidance notes

These detail the areas of knowledge that need to be included in the training session in order to prepare candidates for their 'End of Unit' written question and answer test. The list of areas that the candidate needs to know and understand should be delivered at the appropriate level - introductory and/or overview only at this stage. We recommend training sessions should be between 2 and 3 hours. Assessment is in the form of written question and answer test which we recommend is carried out at the end of the training session. All questions are prepared in-house and should be sufficient to ensure the learning outcomes listed in the Unit Guidance Notes can be satisfied.

The centre sets an appropriate time period for the test to be completed.

All tests are marked in-house and centres should ensure records maintained are to show completion of the unit.

Pre 2017 verison units

Complaints and Appeals

The PMI is committed to providing fair and consistent examination, verification, approval and assessment processes.

Details of the PMI’s complaints and appeals policy for Centres and in-house assessment is available here. 



  1. Qualification Specification Certificate in Pensions Essentials

    2017 Qualification Specification Certificate in Pensions Essentials