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Syllabus and structure

The table below sets out the structure and completion criteria for the Diploma in Retirement Provision.  This qualification comprises units within the Advanced Diploma suite and which can also provide credits towards that qualification.

The examinations in 2018 will be based on the law as it existed at 6 April 2017. An awareness of any significant changes after 6 April will be to a candidate’s advantage. Therefore, the study manuals will be based on the law as it existed at 6 April 2017 unless stated otherwise.

The syllabus information for these units can be found in the qualification specification document at the bottom of this page.

Please click here for a list of definitions and abbreviations used in the syllabuses.

Post 2016 Framework

Completion Criteria

Examination Format

Examination Session/


Core Units

Core Unit 1A

Understanding Retirement Provision (UK)








2 hour multiple choice questions and short answers








Twice a year





Core Unit 2

Regulation of Retirement Provision

Core Unit 3

Running a Workplace Pension Scheme

Core Unit 4

Financing and Investing for Retirement Provision

Tier 1 Specialist Options

Defined Benefit Arrangements


One Tier 1 option must be passed to complete the qualification


3 hour written examination

Defined Contribution Arrangements



  1. Diploma in Retirement Provision Qualification Specification

    Diploma in Retirement Provision Qualification Specification. Further details about the qualification.