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PMI AAP Continuing Professional Development

Maintaining professional competence through CPD is a key element of the RDR regime and PMI AAP Members must maintain the required CPD.  If CPD requirements are not met, an SPS cannot be issued.  To meet the requirements for retail investment advisers set by FCA, members of the PMI AAP are required to undertake a minimum of 35 hours of appropriate CPD.

Note: For PMI AAP Members who also have a CPD requirement allied to their PMI membership grade, (i.e. Associates and Fellows), PMI AAP CPD will be deemed to have met the PMI's own requirements.

Further details on PMI AAP CPD requirements can be found in the Guide to the PMI AAP.

CPD Guidance

We have published further guidance on CPD. In particular this guidance includes further detail on the type of CPD and the evidence required for verification purposes.

This guidance can be found below:

PMI AAP CPD Guidance (PDF)

PMI AAP CPD Evidence Guidelines (PDF)

A template attendance form is available for CPD verification purposes:

PMI AAP CPD Attendance Form (PDF)

CPD Events

PMI runs a series of seminars and conferences that are likely to be of relevance for those undertaking CPD for PMI AAP and/or RDR purposes.  Further details can be found in the events section of this website.

CPD Workshops

The next workshop  will be held on in Autumn 2018. Further details will be available nearer the time.  It will cover: 

  • Update on regulatory developments in relation to competence and professionalism
  • FCA’s stance on conduct risk in relation to advice and other aspects of the advisory process
  • Update on current issues with PMI as an Accredited Body and learn about CPD provision from PMI
  • Review personal progress with CPD and obtain individual guidance

It will be particularly useful for PMI AAP members and also colleagues undertaking other regulatory, compliance or supervisory roles.. 

Online Learning Gateway

PMI AAP Members have free access to Standard Life Investments’ educational portal which offers a wide-range of educational resources designed to support professional development and training needs.  Much of the content will be relevant for CPD purposes.

Click here to access the portal.


PMI TV is an online TV channel offering a selection of topical, relevant and informative programmes to pensions professionals and trustees. Developed in association with Asset TV, it provides a broad range of presentations, comment, interviews, and webcasts from key figureheads within the pensions industry.  Much of the content will be relevant for CPD purposes and in particular content that is relevant for RDR purposes is identified as such.

 Click here to access PMI TV.


PMI AAP members are able to access Akademia online video content free of charge.  Click here to access Akademia.

This content has been accredited by PMI and is particularly useful for CPD activity.


Access the PMI CPD Recording Tool

Members of the PMI AAP can access the CPD recording tool by logging into the Members Only Area in the top right hand corner of this page.


  1. PMI AAP CPD Guidance

    PMI AAP CPD Guidance February 2013

  2. PMI AAP CPD Evidence Guidelines

    PMI AAP CPD Evidence Guidelines February 2013

  3. PMI AAP Guidebook

    PMI AAP Guidebook

  4. PMI AAP Summary Requirements February 2015

    PMI AAP Summary Requirements February 2015

  5. PMI AAP CPD Attendance Form

    PMI AAP CPD Attendance Form. Template form can be used where attendance certificates are not issued.