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Mortality Manifest

Mortality Manifest known as MM, provide automated Pension & Life Insurance data services.



MM. was established in 2006 as one of the original adopters of the UK Government’s DDRI licence, providing mortality screening to pension schemes. We have grown and developed as a data services organisation using products like Spouse, Beneficiary, Residence and Existence which are business critical to our clients.

MM. is recognised as an industry leader in the de-risking market which relies on our data to make high value pricing and operational decisions.

MM. has built an experienced professional services team who help clients resolve issues around loss of contact with members. This team also help our clients manage data quality problems anticipated during the Pension Dashboard roll-out.

MM. are dedicated to Information Security and are ISO 27001 certified.

Our fundamental difference is our ability to understand the issues found by trustees, administrators and Insurers. MM. are a data owner of billions of current and historical records which enables us to build proprietary solutions, proven to deliver significant improvement when compared to other market options.

We are proud in our ability to listen to our clients and adapt our core solutions to ever changing client needs.

MM. also use our data assets and experience to identify and resolve data quality issues which could impact the roll our of the Pensions Dashboard. We support our clients with a range of core products which are summarised below.


Is an automated marital status predictor which discovers spousal relationships and provides the ability to add gender, D.O.B and address to a member record. Our unique data assets and inclusion of actual marriage data results in the most reliable source of spousal data available.

This allows trustees, actuaries & insurers to value a fund accurately during the valuation or de-risking process.​



Is an automated tracing tool which appends spouse and beneficiary details to the member record.

This allows funds and administrators to connect efficiently with potential beneficiaries after the member is deceased.



Is an automatic tool which confirms if the member is living as stated or have moved home.

This allows funds, administrators, Insurers and tracing companies to connect with a member at a new address.



Is an automated tool which identifies if a member is deceased.

This allows funds, administrators, and any financial organisation to manage payments efficiently.

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