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22 May 2020

PMI Mentoring and Development Programme

The PMI Mentoring and Development Programme, sponsored by The People’s Pension, is delivered in conjunction with the Institute of Leadership & Management.

The period for the 2021/22 Mentoring and Development Programme is 1 April 2022 – 31 March 2023. The deadline to apply is 11 February 2022.

Mentees and Mentors must be a member of the PMI throughout the duration of the programme. 

To find out more about what to expect, watch our recorded webinar discussion here.


Benefits of joining

For mentees

  • Chance to talk to someone who is not your boss about your work, career aspirations and personal development
  • Advice on developing strengths and improving weaknesses
  • The opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge
  • Guidance on professional development and career enhancement
  • Formal recognition of programme participation through a certificate of completion*
  • Automatic membership of TILM
  • Quarterly Edge Journal delivered to your door
  • Relevant and current research updates
  • The opportunity to contribute to articles, webinars or podcasts

*Levels relate to qualifications on the regulated qualification framework (RQF). The MyLeadership programme is not a qualification therefore does not have a level, but it aligns to a professional membership grade of Associate with the ILM, which has broad equivalency across levels 3 to 5.

For mentors

  • Recognition as a subject matter expert and leader
  • Extension of your continuing professional development
  • Development of your leadership style, listening and support skills

Information for mentees

How to register

Mentees can register to join the programme here. Applications close on 11 February 2022. Once you have been accepted on to the programme, you will be contacted with instructions on how to proceed. You will also become a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management (TILM) and will be sent details to log in to their online portal. There is a wealth of resources on the TILM portal to help you through the programme. Mentees must be a member of the PMI throughout the duration of the programme.

Programme structure

The PMI will assign you a mentor based on your profile. You and your mentor can agree to meet at a frequency of your choice during the 12-month programme, but we ask that meetings take place at least every two months. As well as meeting with your mentor, you will be required to complete the TILM MyLeadership Programme. You must complete a minimum of 10 components, including the self-awareness component and a minimum of 1 other component per dimension.

Mentors will also be able to opt in to complete the TILM My Leadership programme. Mentors who opt in must complete a minimum of 6 components, including the self-awareness module and a minimum of 1 other component per dimension.

Participants will have access to TILM’s full suite of online resources for the duration of the programme and for 12 months after completion. The online materials and content enable individuals to download the information (Leadership Essential booklets, video, articles or focused 30-minute webinars) in their own time, at their pace and in a mode that suits them best. At the end of the programme all mentees will receive a certificate of completion and automatic upgrade to professional Membership.

Information for mentors

Mentors can register to join the programme here. Our Mentoring and Development programme is designed to support both mentors and mentees in achieving their professional development aims. Mentoring was traditionally considered as the passing on of knowledge from a more experienced peer to a less experienced one, but it is now recognised that both parties should obtain significant benefit from the relationship.

Mentors will be preferably be a Fellow or Associate member of the PMI but all mentors must be able to demonstrate significant mentoring or leadership experience.

Programme structure

Mentors will be required to mentor at least one mentee over the period 1 April 2022 – 31 March 2023.

The PMI will assign you a mentee based on your profile. You and your mentee can agree to meet at a frequency of your choice, but we ask that meetings take place at least every two months.

Mentees will be required to complete the Institute of Leadership and Management programme alongside their meetings with mentors. Mentees’ engagement will be monitored by the PMI.




Your questions answered

1. Please can you clarify the timescale for selection of mentors (and mentees)?

After the registration deadline on 11 February 2022, the applications will be reviewed and the pairs will be selected within the following 2 weeks. Notification emails will be sent out on 25 February 2022. Successful mentors and mentees will be given 2 days to confirm their participation in the programme.

2. Is the program related to pensions or leadership?

There are two parts to this programme for the mentee: the regular 1-2-1 meetings (between the mentor and the mentee) and TILM MyLeadership programme.

The demo of TILM learning platform is in relation to the 2nd part of the PMI Mentoring and Development Programme in which mentees will be required to complete a series of leadership learning modules (as seen in the webinar recording). The leadership part of the programme is designed to complement and enhance your skills in the workplace, but it is not pensions specific.

If the mentees chosen are looking to expand their skills and knowledge in a specific area within pensions, they will be matched with an appropriate mentor who can add value.

Mentors who are chosen to participate will be sharing the skills and knowledge they have included in their applications as their area of expertise. This can be pensions or non-pensions related.

3. How many times do the mentor and mentee need to meet?

A minimum of 6 times throughout the year (April 2022 to March 2023), in-person preferably wherever possible.

4. What would be expected of the mentor?

During the first meeting, the mentor and the mentee will establish a set of objectives and a plan for making the most of the meetings. The PMI will not be instructing on how these meetings should be run, but we can provide guidance and resources for effective mentoring and coaching techniques.

5. How would the mentor’s contribution be assessed?

A survey will be sent to all mentors and mentees 6 months after the start of the programme, which will allow all participants to rate the effectiveness of the pairing. The PMI will then share individual reports with each participant.

6. What will be the outcome of the 1-2-1 meetings?

This will be based on the agreed objectives that mentors and mentees will set amongst themselves. The main outcome for the meetings is for the mentors to provide guidance and share their expertise.

The PMI can offer helpful suggestions but we encourage participants to establish clear expectations during their first meeting.

7. What are the fees for taking part in the programme? Is the programme intended to be free for the first year only?

There are no fees for mentors or mentees taking part in this programme.

8. On completion of this one year programme, what would the mentor expect to receive from PMI?

The mentors will receive a PMI certificate of completion and can claim up to 10 hours CPD. If the mentor has also chosen to complete the ILM programme and has met at least the minimum requirements set they will also receive an ILM certificate of completion.  

9. On completion of this one year programme, what would the mentee expect to receive from PMI?

The mentees will receive a PMI certificate of completion and a second certificate from the ILM upon completing at least the minimum requirements set of the ILM MyLeadership online course. 

10. What level should you be at to be either a mentor or a mentee?

To be a mentee you can be any level, but you must be an active member of the PMI To be a mentor preferably an Associate of Fellow member of PMI but we will also take applications from senior individuals who can demonstrate extensive experience in mentoring and/or leadership

11. What are you expecting to see in the in applications?

The application form consists of a section to include a short biography – what your current role entails, your professional work background, level of experience, anything that you specifically want to highlight about your areas of strength/weaknesses. You must include your reasons for becoming a mentor or mentee and how you see this programme adding value specifically for you in your professional career. For mentees, there is an additional reference section for your employer to include some information on what they consider would be of most value to you from their point of view.

12. Is it reasonable for APMI or FPMI members who are already in management to apply to be mentees?

Absolutely, the more details you can add on your application form the more chance you will have of being paired with someone appropriate to your specific needs. We have had some more senior mentees in our first cohort who were keen to expand their professional network with someone from a different organisation primarily and these pairs have worked very well this year with both learning heaps from one another.

13. I have submitted my application form. When will I hear if I have been successful?

The closing date has been extended to 11 February 2022 and we want an opportunity to review all applications together so we can match a mentor and mentee which best suits according to the information provided. You should expect to hear back week commencing 25 February 2022.


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