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2020 – 21 Membership Renewal Subscriptions

Your membership renewal is due on 1 September 2020 and subscription renewal notices will be sent out to all members in due course. 

Membership  Category

Fees 2019/20

Fees 2020/21



















PMI membership upgrade

An invitation to upgrade letter will be posted together with your results. Members wishing to upgrade will be required to pay an upgrade fee only unless you are upgrading your membership at the renewal period in which you will just pay your new membership fee.

PMI Election fee 2020-21 waiver

You will no longer be required to pay an election fee when joining or reinstating your membership.

If you pay your membership fee late or if you allow your membership to lapse you will however need to pay an additional late payment fee of £35 to reinstate.

For further details contact the Membership Department at membership@pensions-pmi.org.uk or on 020 7392 7410.

Our membership structure is designed to ensure that all those who are associated with the PMI are included as members. In addition, we wish to include those who have a strong affiliation with the industry and want to be a member of an Institute that represents those working within it. A full list of current PMI membership categories can be found here

Code of Professional Conduct

On joining the PMI, all members agree to adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct.

Membership of the Institute is a privilege. The disciplines and standards of behaviour expected of members must uphold the reputation of the profession and the Institute. This reputation could easily be marred by the shortcomings of a few members. The interests of employers and customers of those members whose business is that of offering advice or providing services must also be protected. The PMI Board therefore believes that members will welcome guidance upon matters of a professional nature and issues the Code of Professional Conduct which represents those standards which can be expected to be the minimum necessary to uphold the professional integrity of members.

The PMI Code of Professional Conduct can be found here.