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Empowering change through education

The PMI is the UK's leading professional body dedicated to supporting and developing experts who manage UK pension schemes. Our members represent and lead in every aspect of pension management, ensuring the best possible outcomes for scheme members. 

With 48 years of successful operation, the PMI is at the forefront of the pensions industry, fostering collaboration and driving innovation to enhance retirement outcomes. 

PMI members manage and advise some of the largest institutions in the world, making key decisions on substantial financial matters. With over £1 trillion invested in UK pensions, PMI members play a vital role in shaping the nation’s financial future. 

Our members

Our members

Our members are at the heart of everything we do. From supporting students entering the profession to recognising and valuing our Fellows, volunteers, and trustees, we are dedicated to our community.  

Founded to raise standards and support career development in retirement provision, PMI offers continuous guidance and opportunities at all career stages. 

As the largest community of pension professionals, our collective voice plays a crucial role in shaping the future of pensions. PMI membership signifies the highest standard of excellence and reflects personal commitment to the pensions industry and its beneficiaries, the scheme members. 

Our mission

Our mission

We want to deliver exceptional thought leadership, comprehensive education, advanced training, and recognised qualifications in pension management. We are committed to fostering industry collaboration and driving innovation to enhance retirement outcomes. 

We are guided by three core principles

Always forward-thinking

Always forward-thinking

Our commitment is to support our members and partners in creating better retirement outcomes by leading the way in industry innovation and development. By fostering continuous learning, professional growth, and leadership, we empower our members to drive meaningful improvements and ensure sustainable, high-quality pension outcomes for the future. 

  • Leading and driving thought leadership  

To support this goal, we are developing a Global Innovation Centre to highlight and bring together UK and international insights and innovations. This centre will facilitate thought leadership and collaboration, igniting new ideas and solutions that will ultimately benefit pension scheme members, society, and the planet.  

  • Preparing the next generation 

We will continue to ensure that future professionals and leaders in our industry have both the technical and leadership skills necessary to deliver high-quality, transformational pension fund management that adapts to and supports the financial needs of members throughout their lifetimes. 

  • Shaping the future of pension outcomes  

We will continue to collaborate with our members, stakeholders, and Westminster to influence and enhance policies and practices, ensuring sustainable and better outcomes for scheme members 

Responding quickly to a changing world

Responding quickly to a changing world

We continually strive to improve practices within workplace pensions to help build better financial wellness. By setting ambitious standards, building a trusted pensions environment, we support our members in delivering better retirement outcomes and improved financial wellness for today and tomorrow. 

  • Focusing on member-centric solutions 

Scheme members are at the heart of our mission. We will continue to support the industry in developing solutions that adapt to the realities of living longer, retiring later, and our multicultural society – actively promoting a lifetime savings model that meets these evolving needs. 

  • Empowering informed decisions 

We believe it’s crucial for scheme members to make informed decisions engage in planning their financial future. We will collaborate with and encourage our members, partners, and stakeholders to develop innovative and effective strategies that empower scheme members to make informed decisions about their choices up to and at retirement. 

  • Promoting excellence and inclusivity 

We will promote best practices and standards within the pensions industry, prioritising ESG and fostering diverse thinking and inclusive practices. 

We are committed to your success

We are committed to your success

We are dedicated to our members’ success. Through education, guidance, and creating opportunities, we will continue to support career progression and the success of our industry partners. We will champion your personal growth, staying relevant to your present needs and preparing you for the future. 

  • Promoting education and qualifications 

We will build on our reputation as the leader in pensions education and qualifications - championing our PMI Pathway professional career routes, ensuring they remain relevant for our students, pension schemes and employers for the future.  

  • Leading source of knowledge and information  

We will gather the best and most relevant knowledge and information to keep our members updated and informed, supporting continuous professional and personal growth.  

  • Actively facilitating partnership and community 

We are committed to building inclusive communities that unite a diverse spectrum of professionals from across the industry. Our goal is to support and share best practices, encourage robust debate, foster collaboration, and deliver innovative change. 

  • Champion professional standards  

We will continue to lead, champion, and promote the importance of professional standards, positioning our members and accredited trustees as trusted and respected. 

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