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The PMI Pathways is curated as a combination of full qualifications and some of our core units from the Advanced Diploma in Retirement Provision, representing five specialisations: Retirement Provision, Pensions Administration (Technical or Practical), Pensions Trusteeship and Pensions Benefits.

Under the new Pathways, all learners will start their journey with the PMI as a student member. Successful completion of a full qualification* will give you eligibility for Professional membership status. A learner can then progress to Associateship after completing all exams listed under the pathway and holding Professional Membership for two straight years.

After 5 years of continuous Associate Membership with CPD and demonstrable experience, you can then apply to become a Fellow.

Please note Professional Membership is mandatory for two years for anyone who wants to apply for an Associate Membership. This will be in addition to completing all the relevant qualifications and combination of units under their chosen pathway.

*Full qualification or five Advanced Diploma in Retirement Provision modules listed under the named Pathways.


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Pensions Trusteeship

Pensions Trusteeship

Qualifications and units for this stream

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What next for Qualification

It is an exciting time at the PMI, as we launch our new pathways to make our Membership and qualifications easier to access for all. The five pathways have been introduced with one aim: to make our qualifications more streamlined to a specific career path, so that our learners can undertake a group of units or qualifications that fit their career goals.

Although new pathways have been introduced, you can still sit and complete a singular qualification. If you do not wish to follow the pathway model but want to complete Advanced Diploma and Diploma in Retirement Provision, you can do so too. However, you will only have access to this until April 2028, meaning learners have sufficient time left if they would like to complete this qualification.

If you are interested in the new pathways, we will accept passes from units or qualifications achieved post-2016. Anything pre-2016 will need to be passed again (if a learner would like to qualify for one of the new Pathways).

If you require a little more information or are unsure which pathway may relate to you, the Qualifications team are on hand to answer any of your queries.

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What next for Membership

PMI Pathways has now introduced 5 career-specific routes to Fellowship.

The biggest change will be for all existing Certificate members and Diploma members. From 2023 you will be automatically migrated to the new Professional Membership.

Under the new pathways, if you have already completed a PMI qualification or combination of qualifying units that would not have made you eligible for Certificate or Diploma membership under the previous membership structure you may now be eligible to become a Professional member.

If you were a lapsed Certificate or Diploma member you have also been migrated to the new Professional membership and you can reinstate your PMI membership in order to take advantage of your enhanced member benefits.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your eligibility or to reinstate your membership.

If you do wish to progress towards Associateship all the qualifications and unit examinations need to have been sat in 2016 or after.

You must retake any qualifications or units sat before 2016. If you are currently on track to complete the Diploma in Retirement Provision you will still be eligible to upgrade to Professional Membership once you have completed 5 out of 6 units. Please get in touch with us to discuss your options.

We will be delivering an enhanced member portal with, tailored member and qualification journey information, and be providing more members benefits in 2023!

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Speakers: Gareth Tancred, CEO | Sara Cook, President | Varsha Gicas, Director of Commerce & Engagement | Dr. Keith Hoodless, Director of Lifelong Learning.

This webinar covers the future of the institute’s membership and qualifications pathways. You will see how your feedback has guided us in developing this structure, how it will affect you as a learner or a member, and what it will mean for you in the future.