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The aim of the Advanced Diploma is to provide the required professional knowledge, skills and understanding for an individual to undertake, after sufficient experience, a position as a pensions specialist within a self-administered scheme, a third party administrator, a life assurance company or the consulting and advisory services.

Please note that the ADRP qualification will cease to exist in it's current format from April 2028 meaning all existing or new learners would only have five years to complete this qualification from 2023. 

We encourage learners to consider the Retirement Provision Pathway ,which is very similar to the units that encompass the ADRP qualification. The level of the qualification and member benefits remains the same as the ADRP qualification . Learners can achieve the APMI membership upon successful completion of this pathway.

Who is this course for?


Advanced Diploma qualification is for an individual to undertake, after sufficient experience, a position as a pensions specialist within a self-administered scheme; a third-party administrator; a life assurance company; or within the consulting and advisory services.

Assessment method


As of Spring 2023, all units that come under the ADRP qualification will be assessed via short answer questions only. The multiple choice questions (MCQ) have been removed and will no longer form part of the question paper. Please refer to the ADRP specification under 'useful resources' for further information regarding how the exams will be assessed.

Study time


You are advised to begin studying in November for the April examinations the following year and in May for the October examinations.

This qualification comprises 10 units. 8 out of the 10 units must be passed in order to complete the qualification

We only offer the Reward and Retirement Provision and the International 2 exam in April of every year.



Core Unit Exam Entry (per unit) AND Specialist Unit Exam Entry (per unit) £560

Revision Course (webinar) £75

Core Unit Examination Re-Sit Fee (per unit) AND Specialist Unit Examination Re-Sit Fee (per unit) £300

For re-sit exam booking , please send an email to PMI qualification inbox as all re-sit exam bookings are managed internally.

Diploma Transcript £25

ADRP Unit and Final Certificate - Free of charge

Please note: To sit this qualification you must be at least a Student member of the PMI, currently £178 (£90 from 1 April 2024 – 31 August 2024) . The student membership year runs from the 1 September to 31 August. You do not have to apply for a PMI membership separately as the applicable price would be added to you cart while registering for the exam.



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Autumn 2023 exam results release date: w/c 18 December 2023

Next online exam dates: 15-19 April 2024

Applications are open until 26th January 2024 , 4 pm *LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE*

Learners have the option to book onto a package deal (revision session + exam entry) at a reduced rate. If you want to book onto the package deal, please click here

Learners can book onto the revision session only via this link


In order to sit this exam, you must ensure you adhere to the following:

  • Ensure you have access to a working webcam as you will be remotely invigilated
  • Ensure you have appropriate IT permission to download the Testreach exam app TestReach
  • Ensure you have read our policy here before making any bookings
  • Ensure you have read the Testreach documentation under 'useful resources'
  • Ensure you are using the learning material here when revising for your exam
  • Ensure you have a look at the study skills website here, for valuable study tips
  • Ensure you have referred to the important notice under 'assessment method'