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Fellowship Network

The PMI Fellowship Network consists of a group of Fellows around the UK who discuss key retirement savings issues. This provides us with invaluable insight into the thinking of our leading members and raises the profile of the PMI.

The concept behind the PMI Fellowship Network is to offer Fellows added status to their professional standing. It also provides opportunities to work on a voluntary basis, collaborate with other influential groups, including notable policy makers, and continue to promote their reputation as industry professionals in a wide range of pension specialities. Click here for futher details about enhancing the status of PMI Fellows.

Other benefits include the opportunity to become a PMI Fellowship Network Ambassador (FNA) thus receiving recognition on a designated area of the PMI website and the opportunity to work on White Papers related to issues affecting the pension industry. This approach allows us to source great ideas internally and enable developments to flourish more quickly and be more visible and useful to all.

Who is eligible to join the PMI Fellowship Network?

All Fellows are eligible to be enrolled in the PMI Fellowship Network. This is a voluntary initiative monitored by the PMI Membership Committee who recognises that PMI Fellows are individuals with diverse talents and interests which they might like to share and promote to highlight their skills, experience and views on pension development.

To join in Fellowship Network activities, Fellows should first register their interest. They should also have an up-to-date Continuing Professional Development (CPD) record, have paid their annual subscription and be willing to contribute to future strategic thinking. Fellows will be expected to develop technical thought leadership within the pension arena and be asked to provide advice on technical issues impacting upon the PMI.

Other membership benefits of the PMI Fellowship Network include:

  • direct participation in the formulation or review of pension issues at workshops
  • widening networks by engaging and collaborating with other pension professionals on the current and likely future direction of the pension industry
  • attendance at PMI Fellowship Network pension events as part of the annual subscription
  • the opportunity to be selected as a PMI FNA

Participating in the PMI Fellowship Network activities will also qualify for CPD hours.

What kinds of services are there?

There will be a series of free to attend events and services around the UK including:

  • a Fellows’ Forum – contributions will receive recognition on a designated area of the PMI website
  • opportunities to deliver CPD relevant courses and develop a reputation as industry specialists and instructors in a wide range of pension disciplines
  • Fellowship Network Breakfasts – these will provide an opportunity to build momentum around new ideas and initiatives, through inspiring conversations, exchange of ideas and stimulating events. The events may also take the form of lunches, dinners, etc. depending on preferences
  • a Peer Support Group

Is it nationwide?

Seminars and round table events will be held around the UK with the support and participation of our Regional Groups. Web conferencing and podcasts will also be used to involve online participation for members unable to attend actual events.

Who decides on topics?

The Membership Committee meets quarterly to discuss emerging topics for the Fellowship Network. However, the PMI FNAs are able to nominate various issues for the Membership Committee’s approval.

Become an Fellowship Network Ambassador (FNA)


The FNAs are responsible for creating strategic alliances or public relations opportunities to showcase the work of the Fellows and the PMI. 

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