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The Diploma in International Employee Benefits, delivered in partnership with the International Employee Benefits Association (IEBA),  provides a programme of education, study and examinations for all those involved with the complex area of international employee benefits. The qualification aim is to identify aspects of benefit provision which those involved in international employee benefits are most likely to encounter in dealing with expatriates, internationally mobile employees and local employees.

Who is this course for?


Those working at the margins of pensions who need to understand pensions in the wider savings and employee benefits context

Assessment method


As of Spring 2023, all units that come under the DIEB qualification will be assessed via short answer questions only. The multiple choice questions (MCQ) have been removed and will no longer form part of the question paper. Please refer to the DIEB specification under 'useful resources' for further information regarding how the exams will be assessed. 

Study time


This qualification comprises two compulsory units:

International 1 (otherwise known as CU1B) and International 2 (otherwise known as MIEB) 

International 1 (CU1B) - Foundation in International Employee Benefits will be offered in both April and October of each year.




International 1 (otherwise known as CU1B) Exam Entry £560

International 2 Exam Entry £560

Revision Course (webinar) £75

International 1 Examination Re-Sit Fee £300

International 2 Examination Re-Sit Fee £300

For re-sit exam booking , please send an email to PMI qualification inbox as all re-sit exam bookings are managed internally.

Please note: To sit this qualification you do not need a PMI membership.

We encourage learners to apply for a 'Package Deal' ( exam entry + revision session ) which gives an overall discount of £20 . Please apply here .


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pmiqualifications@pensions-pmi.org.uk or 020 7392 7417

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Applications are now open. Applications close 26 July, 4pm.

Next online exam dates: 8-10th October 2024

We encourage learners to apply for a 'Package Deal' ( exam entry + revision session ) which gives an overall discount of £20 . Please apply here .

Learners can book onto the revision session only via this link.


In order to sit this exam, you must ensure you adhere to the following:

  • Ensure you have access to a working webcam as you will be remotely invigilated
  • Ensure you have appropriate IT permission to download the Testreach exam app TestReach
  • Ensure you have read our policy here before making any bookings
  • Ensure you have read the Testreach documentation under 'useful resources'
  • Ensure you are using the learning material that will be sent to you once your booking has been secured
  • Ensure you have referred to the important notice under 'assessment method'
  • Ensure you have a look at the study skills website here, for valuable study tips

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