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The UK Professional Body for Non-Executive Directors and Board Members Connection (NEDonBoard).

The UK Professional Body for Non-Executive Directors and Board Members (NEDonBoard)

The UK Professional Body for Non-Executive Directors and Board Members (NEDonBoard)

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The Pensions Management Institute has agreed with NEDonBoard to offer discounted rates for NED training and courses.


NEDonBoard is the professional membership and development body for non-executive directors and board members. NEDonBoard is part of the Institute of Board Members. The Institute maintains the oversight of the knowledge, skills, conduct, practice of non-executive directors and board members.

We provide professional development opportunities to board directors throughout their career at board level and awards professional qualifications accredited by the CPD Standards Office.

Our mission is to accelerate sustainability and development. We influence and support board decision-makers responsible for the strategic direction of organisations by promoting modern and contemporary business governance practices. Our mission aligns the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We serve aspiring, transitioning and experienced non-executive directors, board members and chairs; board of directors; organisations looking to appoint NEDs on their board.

Using code 'PMI15NED' PMI members are offered a discount of 15% on the following 3 courses:

"I have followed NEDonBoard and other organisations for a while now and went with you given the quality of the output, people, and structure."

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Paul Goodwin Director and Chair of Trustees

NED training and the courses delivered by NEDonBoard

Continuous professional development is a concept that is just as crucial for aspiring and established non-executive directors (NEDs) as it is for graduate new hires. The operating environment is fast-evolving, and the most effective NEDs are continually adapting, assimilating knowledge, and upskilling to ensure they are impactful and contribute to the long-term success of the organisation on which they serve. One of the most effective methods of attaining meaningful CPD opportunities is through NED training courses. 

The benefits of NED training

1. Fast-track your journey to the boardroom

One of the biggest hurdles to becoming a non-executive director isn’t a lack of skills or relevant experience, but often a lack of knowledge regarding the role and the practical steps to land a first appointment. Specialist NED training from NEDonBoard for aspiring and transitioning non-executives, the NED Accelerator® Programme, provides clarity, skills, and strategies to position you for board positions.

2. Discharge your duty effectively and upskill

Even seasoned non-executive directors can benefit from NED training. The pandemic, climate change, digital transformation, cybersecurity, ED&I (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion) have elicited many new business challenges, proving that the business landscape is always evolving. NED training enables non-executives to remain relevant, impactful, and skilled on an increasingly large spectrum of contemporary boardroom issues. The Modern Board Member Masterclass covers a wealth of content focused on modern business governance for you to upskill.

3. Step up to the chair role

Once you have gained non-executive experience, you may look for a new boardroom challenge and aspire to become either the chair of the board or the chair of a board sub-committee. The qualities required to run a board, or a board committee are growing in complexity. The Chairship course prepares you for success in your transition.

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