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Fast track your journey to becoming a non-executive director.

The UK Professional Body for Non-Executive Directors and Board Members (NEDonBoard)

The UK Professional Body for Non-Executive Directors and Board Members (NEDonBoard)

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NEDonBoard is the UK professional body for non-executive directors and board members and the Institute of Board Members. We maintain an oversight of the knowledge, skills, conduct and practice of individual members practising the non-executive and board member profession. Further information can be found on the website or our website.

You are on an exciting journey to non-executive directorship

Becoming a board member is a positive career choice for many professionals looking to grow their skills, contribute to a company’s success, and increase their status in the business world. As a non-executive director, you can take on new challenges and make valuable connections that will help you thrive.

Whether you want to start a NED career alongside your executive role or as part of a portfolio career, your successful transition to the boardroom requires preparation.

NED Accelerator® The Complete Programme

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"I have followed NEDonBoard and other organisations for a while now and went with you given the quality of the output, people, and structure."

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Paul Goodwin Director and Chair of Trustees

What you will get

The NED Accelerator® - The Complete Programme will get you NED-ready, with proven strategies, techniques and skills required for a board role.

Upon completion, you will have:

  • Gained a robust understanding of the non-executive director role, the principles of good governance and ethical decision-making
  • Defined your value proposition or unique selling point to boards
  • Clarified the types of organisations and boards to target in your search
  • Written high-impact application documents (i.e. NED CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letters) that effectively conveys your skills, expertise and value-add to boards to be invited to interviews
  • Prepared impactful answers to interview questions so you are ready to win the competition and be offered an appointment