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Aon Cyber Scorecard Assessment

Aon is pleased to be working with the PMI to help PMI’s members assess their exposure to cyber risks and decide what actions to take. Aon Cyber scorecard assessment is an invaluable tool that will give trustees and scheme managers a detailed assessment of where their scheme stands and a sound basis for decision-making. It is free for PMI Trustee Group members to use and has no expiry date.

Pension schemes have been tackling cyber threats for some time now, but the variation in approach amongst different schemes remains large. Some schemes have strong controls across a wide range of areas, but for others the extent of their cyber resilience is far more limited.

Aon’s Pension Cyber Scorecard provides a free and easy way for any trust-based pension scheme to assess their overall cyber strategy and how it compares to others in the market.

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Benchmark against your peers

The scorecard is generated from a 50-question multiple choice questionnaire covering a range of areas. The questions are not technical, and most trustees, pensions managers and scheme secretaries should be able to answer the questions without much difficulty.

Based on those responses, schemes are provided with an overall score, as well as a sub-score in each of 10 distinct areas and analysis of how they compare to other schemes in our database.

In practice, while the overall score provides a good headline comparison against other schemes, the score itself is less important than the various actions that schemes are taking and the thoughts generated by considering the questions.

The results so far

Over 200 schemes have already completed Aon’s assessment. Aon has also written the findings from the first 100 schemes in a free 30 page report which can be downloaded here.