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PMI Board

The Role of the Board

The Board is set up under Article 62 and has, under Article 63, full responsibility for the conduct of business and affairs of PMI. The Board sets our strategic direction, exercises oversight in implementing the strategy and holds the Executive accountable for its management and operational activities.

The Board comprises the President and two Vice-Presidents, the Chief Executive, the Finance Director and either two or four persons co-opted by the Board. Co-opted members may serve for up to two years and at least half of the number of co-opted members must be Council Fellow Members. The Board appoints one of its members to chair the Board. The Board operates on the basis of agreed Terms of Reference that can be found at Annex 3 (see our Governance Manual). The Rules and Procedures for Committees also apply to the Board and can be found at Annex 6 (see our Governance Manual).


Who is on the Board?

Alan Whalley – Chairman (co-opted member)

Lesley Carline – President

Lesley Alexander – Vice President

Lorraine Harper – Vice President

Jane Murray – co-opted member


Dates of 2019 Board meetings

Full Board Meeting on Tuesday 5th February 2019

Board Catch up Call on Tuesday 26th March 2019

Full Board Meeting on Tuesday 4th June 2019

Mini Board Meeting on 11th July 2019

Full Board Meeting on Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Full Board Meeting on Tuesday 5th November 2019