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Kevin LeGrand

Kevin is a Consultant at Arc Pensions Law

Career history



Kevin has worked in the pensions industry for almost 40 years, concentrating on technical issues. In that time he has worked at several consultancies, insurance companies and a firm of pensions solicitors. He is currently a self-employed consultant, and the current author of The Guide to Pension Trustees.

Kevin has worked extensively in the public arena for many years, representing industry in dealings with governments of all colours and other official bodies. He was a member of the Council of the Society of Pension Consultants (now Society of Pension Professionals) for 18 years and was its President from 2010-2012. He has been actively involved in the PMI for many years as Council member, and on Committees, and is the Immediate Past President.

Kevin is married with two grown-up sons and currently lives in Surrey. He describes himself as a 'Petrolhead' who enjoys driving anything with four wheels that he can (legally) lay his hands on. He is active in the Institute of Advanced Motorists, having taught advanced driving techniques to members of the public for 17 years, six of which as the chief trainer at his local group (Guildford).