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Financial Education

WEALTH at work is a leading provider of financial education, guidance and advice in the workplace. This service helps employees make informed decisions to improve their financial wellbeing throughout their career and to maximise income at retirement.

Our services

We have a range of services that can help employees better understand their finances which can provide specific support at critical times such as at-retirement.

Our services include;

Focus on retirement income matters: survey 2017.

The pension changes revolutionised the world of retirement income and individuals now have greater control over their future plans – but with this comes increased risk and responsibility for both employer and employee.
With this in mind, we have set out to investigate what support is available in the workplace to help employees understand how to make the most of their finances throughout their career, in order to optimise their income at-retirement.
In association with the University of Lincoln and the Pensions Management Institute, we are conducting a survey with a range of UK companies, to investigate what practices employers are adopting to help support their employees in both the saving and retirement stages.

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Latest polls

WEALTH at work is currently running an online poll on whether employers provide a guidance service* on financial issues such as pensions and retirement income options for their employees.

*By guidance we mean a one to one conversation which helps employees clarify elements of their financial situation either in the workplace or telephone support , and not regulated advice were specific recommendations are made.

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Expert insight columns

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Financial education in the workplace
Helping your employees make the right retirement income decision

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