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These are challenging times for pension schemes and quality administration has never been more crucial. As a leading national administration provider, with a well-deserved reputation for weaving innovative yet pragmatic solutions from complex problems, Barnett Waddingham comes to its Insight Partner tenure with a wealth of specialist industry experience.

Working proactively with the regulators and the wider pension industry to foster an engaged, informed and, above all, client centred approach to issues facing pension schemes today, Barnett Waddingham is leading the way in the drive to professionalise administration services across the board.

Barnett Waddingham Insight Partner Columns

Transferring administration services - in search of a best practice approach

Chris Tagg, Partner at Barnett Waddingham looks at transferring administration services. He discusses project planning, roles and responsibilities and the likely stumbling blocks. A copy of the document can be found here


 chris tagg

PASA accreditation - a case study approach

David Connell, Associate and Accreditation Project Lead at Barnett Waddingham looks at PASA accreditation. He discusses what is being accredited, what did we learn along the way and what does the future hold. A copy of the document can be found here


The 'data ownership' dilemma

Becky Jaques, Pension Administrator Team Leader at Barnett Waddingham LLP looks at the 'data ownership' dilemma. She argues that Trustees and their advisors need to understand and define their responsibilities with regards to data ownership, security, accuracy, the types of data being held and for what purpose the data is being used. A copy of the document can be found here


Transfers - an administrative nightmare

Andrea Turner, Pension Administrator at Barnett Waddingham LLP looks at the huge increase in the level of requests for transfers and discusses how this has brought along some major headaches when administration is concerned. A copy of the document can be found here



Online access – the new normal

Andy Greig, Partner at Barnett Waddingham LLP looks at technology, in its quick march along the information superhighway, and how it has taken the pension industry with it. He discusses how schemes are recognising the real and lasting advantages of a shift away from paper based solutions. A copy of the document can be found here.

Andy Greig

Pension Wiser?

Tom Cowley, Pension Administrator Team Leader at Barnett Waddingham LLP, looks at the difficulties faced by the general public in understanding the implications of the new pension freedoms. He discusses the need for early engagement and financial education, and the need to communicate with people at all levels including those who are less financially literate. A copy of the document can be found here.

Tom Cowley

Overseas transfers – going nowhere fast…

Julie Walker, Associate at Barnett Waddingham LLP discusses the problems with overseas transfers and how UK schemes are being bombarded by overseas transfer requests, some of which could potentially be fraudulent and many of which could be non-qualifying. A copy of the document can be found here.

Julie Walker

GMP rectification – the elephant in the eRoom

David Connell, Associate at Barnett Waddingham LLP discusses how to approach guaranteed minimum pension rectification and highlights the most important things for trustees to consider in relation to implementing and communicating benefit corrections. A copy of the document can be found here.

David Connell

Trusting in your membership records: data and benefits - the story so far

Kerry O’Shea, Associate at Barnett Waddingham LLP discusses the risks and costs of not holding accurate data as well as how the regulator will be reinforcing its expectations of trustees over the next 12 months. She looks at why trustees should be doing more, de-risking considerations, steps that can be taken and problems that may be encountered. A copy of the document can be found here.




PPF Bookshelf

Measuring the quality of benefit calculations (Sept 2014)

GMP reconciliations … the PPF way! (May 2013)

Insuring benefits outside the PPF (Sept 2012)

What’s the difference? - the extra challenges faced by an administrator dealing with PPF schemes (Feb 2010)

Pension Profiles

Bhavna Baines APMI - Technical Support Analyst

Bhavna Baines discusses her role as Technical Support Analyst at Barnett Waddingham's Leeds office.

The PATHway to current technical issues

Pathways October 2019

105th edition of PATHways

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Pathways March 2019

Our 98th edition of PATHways covering HMRC updates, extention of civil partnership legislation, DWP updates and the TPR annual funding statement.

Pathways February 2019

This edition of PATHways highlights pensions news and legislation that has particular relevance to what we do in pension administration.

PATHways November 2018 (pdf)

In this edition we look at: the HMRC pension schemes newsletter #105, DWP CDC schemes, the appointment of a new Secretary of State for Work & pensions, HMRC Coutndown bulletins 38 and 39.

PATHways October 2018 (pdf)

In this edition we look at: the Lloyds GMP equalisation ruling, the recent 2018 Budget, new rules on pension transfer advice, income tax rates in Wales, the HMRC Countdown bulletin #37 and the HMRC pension schemes newsletter #104. 


What the professionals say

Barnett Waddingham’s views on the issues that matter to your pension scheme.

Life After Regime Change

With Annual and Lifetime Allowances set for an overhaul, Julian Mainwood of Barnett Waddingham discusses how the restriction of pensions tax relief will affect scheme administration.

Please listen to me; I know what I am doing

Administrators know that complex scheme design makes for complicated administration. Robert Wakefield of Barnett Waddingham makes the case for calling on the administrator’s expertise when assessing the impact of scheme design changes.

Closing Final Salary Schemes: Choosing the lower risk options

With employer confidence in traditional DB schemes eroding, Amanda Bradley of Barnett Waddingham takes a practical look at the DC alternative and sets out the stall for CARE – the DB scheme with a difference.

Use ‘Super glue’ for your pension scheme

The administration team are the eyes, ears and hearts of the pension scheme. Robert Wakefield and Julie Walker of Barnett Waddingham fly the flag for pension administration ‘done right’.

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