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Fiduciary Management


River and Mercantile Solutions is a specialist investment organisation, which provides a full range of advisory and fiduciary management services to over 200 institutional mandates in the UK and US, including over 100 fiduciary management clients in the UK.

Back in 2003, when defined benefit (DB) UK pension schemes first began appointing us as their fiduciary manager, the term “fiduciary management” was not even used. There wasn’t any name for the service, because no one in the UK, as far as we could see at the time, was offering it.

We began our service when, as an investment adviser, we realised some of our clients couldn’t act on our advice quickly enough to reap the full benefit. To help them, we began developing the capability to implement our advice – taking investment decisions on their behalf.

We were one of the first to provide fiduciary management services in the UK, having taken on our first fiduciary management clients in 2003.

In 2011 our service was extended to defined contribution (DC) pension schemes to help with the increasing governance challenges they face. We can now claim one of the longest fiduciary management track records for both DC and DB schemes.

Whether you are a trustee of a DB or DC scheme, our fiduciary management service can offer a tailored solution which strikes the right balance between autonomy and delegation, governance and time, risk and return.

Please take a look at our website where we regularly publish our latest views on investment markets and strategy for pension schemes and insurers.

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