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Pension Risk Transfer

 Legal & General is our Pension Risk Transfer Insight Partner







Is the bulk annuity pricing boon here to stay?
Gavin Smith considers if pricing levels can be maintained in 2018
Supporting your pension buy-in or buyout in 5 simple steps
A short animation about the post-transaction process and how Legal & General’s Client Services support trustees and members in a pension buy-in or buyout
What is driving demand in the pension buy-in and buyout market?
John Towner discusses what is driving the market demand, cost and pricing for pension schemes, and what a pension scheme should consider if they want to put in place a buy-in or buyout
Solving the corporate pensions conundrum
John Towner speaks to The Telegraph's Business Reporter about the challenges facing defined benefit pension schemes and the options for companies and trustees
Top 3 questions for pension schemes
John Towner examines the top 3 questions for pension schemes considering a buyout, buy-in or longevity insurance
In it for the long term
Rating agencies and regulators focus on insurers' short-term financial strengths, but for pension provision, wider considerations come into play, argues Dave Watt.
How smaller schemes achieve good value in the bulk annuity market
Many smaller schemes are coming to the conclusion that the natural place for their liabilities is with an insurance company, writes Gavin Smith
De-risking DB pension schemes
John Towner explains how sponsoring companies are increasing the affordability of buy-ins and buyouts.
Collaboration throughout
David Poulton explains how Legal & General works with trustees to ensure a great member experience
Exchanging uncertainty for certainty
John Towner reasons that undertaking a pension buyout can transform a company's pension deficit into a more attractive and stable liability.
Many stops en route
Dominic Moret explores the different ways a pension scheme can de-risk while on the route to full buyout.