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Ferrier Pearce is the SSP for the Advanced Diploma Communication study manual.

Ferrier Pearce are a specialist communications agency, with over twenty years in the business of communicating pension and benefits to people.  Ferrier Pearce have a passion for:

  • helping people understand their pensions and benefits
  • creative, innovative, effective design

Ferrier Pearce are convinced that it is in everybody’s interest for pensions to be communicated clearly and effectively, so that employees can take responsibility for their pension planning while their employers benefit from a greater rate of employee appreciation. 

Ferrier Pearce believe that one of the most effective ways to get the pensions message across to people is by personalisation and segmentation. Ferrier Pearce understand and appreciate individuality – one size does not fit all, nor should it. Ferrier Pearce listen to their clients, getting to know them and their employees. The employee communications team, made up of pension specialists and project managers, supported by the in-house design team and digital partners, then deliver communications that engage the reader, getting the right messages across to the right people.  

Whether in partnership with clients, creating, developing and implementing strategy, or on-call to deliver one-off discrete pieces of communication, Ferrier Pearce work to the same high standards to deliver innovative design and clear, meaningful communications. 

To find out more visit http://www.ferrierpearce.com/