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Core Unit 3 - Running a Workplace Pension Scheme

First Actuarial LLP is the SSP for Advanced Diploma Core Unit 3 - Running a Workplace Pension Scheme.

First Actuarial LLP provide pensions services to a wide range of employers and trustees across the different sectors and areas of the UK. We help clients by providing:

  • Pension scheme administration – holding up to date records, providing members with information, drawing up scheme accounts and importantly paying pensions to people in retirement
  • Actuarial advice to trustees – helping trustees meet all their legal duties, supporting them in understanding the financial position of the scheme and negotiating scheme contributions with employers
  • Consultancy advice to employers – giving employers all the information they need to provide the right pension benefits for their employees, providing figures for their year-end accounts and helping them work successfully with pension scheme trustees and employee representatives
  • Investment advice to trustees – offering common sense advice that helps trustees understand how their investment decisions affect the long term cost of schemes so they are able to make informed decisions about the right risk and return balance
  • Independent financial education – explaining how pensions work to groups of employees or in one to one sessions so they are able to make the right decisions for them knowing what the outcomes might look like

First Actuarial LLP were formed in 2004 and operate from five offices in Basingstoke, Leeds, Manchester, Peterborough and Tonbridge. We are an independent business wholly owned by our original Founders and staff. We value our independence highly as it means we can be wholly focussed on the needs of our clients and can contribute freely and openly to policy debate.

We now employ over 200 people – scheme administrators and accountants, payroll specialists, IT experts, consultants, actuaries and trainee actuaries and our support staff providing HR and office services. First Actuarial are passionate believers in training and offer support and assistance to all staff wanting to undertake study and gain qualification. We don’t believe in de-skilling or dumbed down processes – but we do value efficiencies and driving up quality. We believe you get these positive effects by training staff and giving them real autonomy, responsibility and development opportunities.

We also encourage staff to give back to the industry. Our employees act as examiners for the PMI and IFoA, serve on industry working parties and present at seminars. We are also now Study Support Partners for PMI.

If you want to know more about First Actuarial, please visit our website at www.firstactuarial.co.uk