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22 April 2021

The PMI response to TPR consultation: 'Our approach to the investigation and prosecution of the new criminal offences'

We support the work being done by The Pensions Regulator (TPR) and others in seeking to address serious intentional and reckless behaviour and improving standards of governance and conduct in relation to pension schemes.

We are grateful for TPR’s confirmation that it does not intend for its guidance to change commercial norms or accepted standards of corporate behaviour in the UK (i.e. consistent with the government's policy intent). However, we are concerned that the current drafting of TPR policy does not achieve this aim. In particular, we do not believe it addresses the concerns raised by the industry during the development of the law, in relation to the broad and ill-defined scope of the new powers, and the circumstances when they will apply. We believe that this will have the impact of altering or reducing normal commercial activity.

PMI is the professional body that supports and develops those who work in the pensions industry. PMI offers a range of qualifications designed to meet the requirements of those who manage workplace pension schemes or who provide professional services to them. Our members (currently some 6,000) include pension managers, lawyers, actuaries, consultants, administrators, and others. Their experience is therefore wide-ranging and has contributed to the thinking expressed in this response. Due to the wide range of professional disciplines represented, our members represent a cross-section of the pensions industry as a whole.

PMI is focused on supporting its members to enable them to perform their jobs to the highest professional standards, and thereby benefit members of retirement benefit arrangements for which they are responsible.


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Last update: 22 April 2021

Assistant Pensions Investment Consultant - Berkshire

Salary: £31500 - £37000 pa

Location: Berkshire

Senior Pensions Governance and Secretariat Consultant

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Location: Hampshire

Senior Pensions Analyst

Salary: £55000 - £75000 pa

Location: London