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Fees & forms

PMI Approved Centre Forms

Application for centre approval


Add a qualification to an existing PMI Approved Centre    


Add another location to a multi-site centre structure   

See Form

Add/change a centre contact, invigilator, mentor, or internal verifier  

No Charge

Annual centre fee - once approved a centre fee is payable. This commences in the year following centre approval and is paid in January.

It is broken down as follows:

Single Centres: £470

Multi-Site Centres: £970

Candidate Forms

Candidate Registration £80
Final Certificate Claim form £85
Candidate Transfer form See form

Employers/training providers wishing to use this qualification as part of the apprenticeship should use the apprenticeship specific registration/entry forms. To obtain copies please contact; qualifications@pensions-pmi.org.uk

APE is exempt from VAT.



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    A summary of qualification fees for 2019.