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As the training and asssessment for the units that make up the Award is being carried out in-house, the PMI must ensure that all candidates taking these units all have equal and fair access to assessment. To monitor this, all centres must take part in standardisation at least twice per year. During this process the end of training question and answer tests will be verified externally against the learning outcomes for each unit.

On a unit by unit basis, questions and answers will be requested by the PMI for a number of candidates across a number of centres and they will be sampled and compared with each other to check all candidates have been given the same access to assessment and the same achievement standards have been maintained across all centres.

A report will be produced and each centre will receive a copy - if any action points are identified these will be taken up with the centre by the PMI.

Should you wish to discuss this further contact the Qualifications Team at qualifications@pensions-pmi.org.uk or on 020 7392 7400.