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Fees & forms

PMI Approved Centre Forms

Application for centre approval                                                                          £520

Add a qualification to an exisiting PMI Approved Centre                                £300

Add another location to a multi-site centre structure                                      £350/£450 - please see form for details

Add/change a centre contact, invigilator, mentor, or internal verifier         No Charges

Annual centre fee - once approved a centre fee is payable. This commences in the year following centre approval and is paid in January.

The annual centre fee is based on the number of active candidates and is broken down as follows:

                               Small centre (10 or fewer candidates)                                       £570

                               Large centre (11 or more candidates)                                        £670

                               Multi-site centres                                                                         £990

Candidate Forms

For application to the exams, see the Autumn 2019 Application Form page.

CPA is exempt from VAT.




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