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Information for Training Providers

This page contains further information for training providers who currently, or wish to, deliver the workplace pensions apprenticeship.

Training provider list

In order to assist employers we have compiled a list of training providers who have indicated they are willing able able to assist employers. A copy is attached to this page.  If you would like to amend your entry or be added to the list please contact qualifications@pensions-pmi.org.uk

Qualification application forms

We have created apprenticeship specific versions of popular qualification registration/entry forms.   These forms have been designed to ensure we obtain the correct information for each apprentice.  To obtain copies please contact: qualifications@pensions-pmi.org.uk

End-point assessment

We have created a number of assessment tools and guidance to assist those preparing for End-point Assessment and they can be found at the  bottom of this page.


Further details on the gateway stage can be found in the Assessment Plan.  When an apprentice reaches the gateway stage an End-point Registration Form should be completed and returned to PMI.  To obtain copies please contact: qualifications@pensions-pmi.org.uk




  1. Workplace Pensions Apprenticeship Standard

    Workplace Pensions Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standard

  2. Workplace Pensions Apprenticeship Assessment Plan

    Workplace Pensions Trailblazer Apprenticeship Assessment Plan

  3. Workplace Pensions Trailblazer List of Training Providers

    Workplace Pensions Trailblazer List of Training Providers. Training Providers that have indicated that they can help employers deliver the apprenticeship. Updated December 2017.