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Wider Information Set (WIS)

At the Pensions Management Institute, we are devoted to making it simpler for learners and the wider public to access the information that we publish about our company and the resources it provides.

What is the purpose of the Wider Information Set (WIS)?

  • To provide the public and potential learners with essential information which will help them come to a decision as to what they would like to study.
  • To assist members/learners in gathering evidence to add to the quality assurance processes.
  • To assist members/learners in gathering information that can help enhance the quality of their experience with the PMI.

Policies and useful information

In order to guarantee that our members/learners receive the best possible education, we have put together a few guidelines which ensure centres uphold their examination standards to , and members/learners understand the requirements of, the General Conditions of Recognition. The links provided below will guide you to the rules and regulations:


Information & Guidance:

Application forms:

Centre forms:

General forms:

VQ Learner forms:

* NOTE - If the candidate completed APE within 12 months of registration and immediately transferring to CPE (no fee) - use the Candidate Transferring Form.

Qualification Fees

The fees for each exam may vary per paper depending on the qualification chosen as per the fees listing.