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7 February 2023

Purposeful Pensions - Box Set 1

The Pension Management Institute (PMI) released the first box set of episodes in the series, ‘Purposeful Pensions’. The new multi-part documentary series , created in collaboration with Zinc Communicate, a Zinc Media Group company, investigates how investing your money with purpose can help businesses grow, support the world in becoming more sustainable, and help to deliver a more comfortable and meaningful income in retirement.

In this film, we meet families who can directly benefit from impactful investment in social housing. Connected Asset Management, in partnership with local social housing enterprises, has created an innovative way for pension funds to intentionally help those in need as well as provide positive financial returns on investment.

Currently, there are over 1.1 million families registered as in need of a home in the UK and investing in social housing can help solve this problem. Pension schemes are able to invest in this asset class within fiduciary duty, as well as recirculate money in the economy to offset societal imbalances.

We learn about the positive long-term impact this can also have on children; re-building lives and flourishing friendships.


Wiltshire Pension Fund recognise the huge importance of investing in socially and environmentally beneficial assets, with a goal of protecting the investments from climate change risk, and safeguarding the financial future of the Fund.

Having recently been surveyed, their members, too, have expressed a desire to see the fund invest in sustainable, low-carbon assets.

Acknowledging that the fund will be extant for at least the next one hundred years, their aim is to invest in a financially sustainable way that delivers returns for their members in the long term.

With their own net zero carbon by 2050 goal, Wiltshire Pension Fund know that climate change presents the biggest tangible threat to the fund, and a key investment strategy is to help businesses transition to low-carbon futures in order to negate future risks. And from the need to deliver real-World change, opportunities for investment also present themselves.

Whether it’s a solar farm or a carbon-neutral greenhouse, it’s the fund’s firm belief that investing in positive environmental assets can be done in conjunction with achieving positive financial return. Wiltshire Pension Fund wants their members to feel proud that their contributions are helping to deliver positive change for future generations and for the planet.


Trafalgar House is a pensions administrator that believes outsourcing to market specialists delivers better outcomes. The use of a specialist administrator reduces risk and helps services meet the expectations of the modern world. Technology and member demand mean the pensions industry needs to keep up with the fast-paced online engagement required of today’s service providers. Trafalgar House supported Siemens throughout their outsourcing journey, leveraging technology and expertise in transferring the administration service, and the in-house pensions team, to Trafalgar House. The ESG credentials of Trafalgar House are a vital and important part of their business. We explore how they have been implemented, in partnership with Siemens, to cut waste and transform services. Trafalgar House share insights into their digital services and demonstrate how they are an administrator that is leading the industry.


Environmental, social and governance factors have a definite financial impact in today’s world. As the world continues to change at a quickening pace, pension funds such as TPT are facing an ever-evolving ESG landscape.

TPT knows the importance of being aware of this evolution, and in turn adapting their operating practices in order to keep up with it. What could falling behind and missing investment opportunities mean for a pension fund, and how might that affect their members?

TPT, working with its investment consultancy Redington, has identified that we are facing the biggest change in the global economy since the industrial revolution. Trustees must be aware of shifting risk factors today, in order to pay pensions tomorrow.

Savers want a return, but also to contribute to a better society for themselves and future generations. In this film, we learn how TPT manages its investment strategies with conviction to keep that goal firmly in mind, and we see what trustees can do to manage their own assets, responsibly.


Many people in the UK spend more time planning their holiday than their retirement. West Midlands Pension Fund go the extra mile to engage members at every stage of their working life. Travelling region-wide, the team engages members using tailored literature and a Roadshow Bus, helping people make the right choices at the right time throughout their working life through to retirement.

West Midlands Pension Fund care deeply about how and where they invest, looking after capital responsibly with both performance and sustainability in mind. They work hard with management teams to instil greater awareness around climate change and covenant risk and to influence change through positive actions.

Action on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has a big part to play in West Midlands Pension Fund’s approach, adding value to investment strategy across all assets. This extends  across the E, S and G and runs through the Fund’s own operations and supply chain/engagement. By engaging companies, change can be driven with real world outcomes and impacts.

The push to improve diversity in the investment and savings industry takes a high priority with West Midlands Pension Fund being a founding member of the Asset Owner’s Diversity Charter. They have also partnered with the local and combined authorities to provide environmentally friendly, modern and affordable housing for people in the region.

With a progressive outlook, West Midlands Pension Fund has invested sustainably for the future, both in purpose and people, opening opportunities for all. With a clear remit setting high standards, they create an environment that is inclusive for their work force, and their customers, building a sustainable future for all.

We talk to a member who worked her whole life in social services and has now reached a place in which she feels ready to retire; we learn how West Midlands Pension Fund helped to make that transition successful, with up to date knowledge, simple, helpful information, and a genuine understanding of her wish to retire feeling safe and in complete understanding of her future.


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