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7 April 2021

Your PMI Member Magazine is evolving – Have your voice heard

Along with all other professional membership bodies we are moving through an age where we are striving to be ‘digital by default’.

‘Digital by default’ is more than just providing services online. It is a way of thinking and behaving and we want to save your time and effort by making our products more accessible for you - anytime, anywhere.  

Our digital version of Pensions Aspects magazine is not only easier for you to digest on-the-go, but you will no longer have to fill up your homes and offices with yet more recycling. This means we will all be doing our bit to go green and help save our planet.

Please be assured we are not reducing your member benefits or lowering the standard of our existing products. We are working hard to ensure our member magazine remains fit for purpose. We are taking on board all of our member feedback, therefore, it is important you feel your voice is being heard.

If you would like to contribute in any way or write about a specific topic, please complete this survey below. You will also need to complete the survey to opt in to continue receiving a hard copy of the magazine. If you do not opt in, we will assume you are happy to join us on our digital journey.


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Last update: 7 April 2021

Nisha Harley
The Pensions Management Institute
Membership Development Manager

Client Director

Salary: £80000 - £110000 pa

Location: Home based

Actuarial Analyst

Salary: £30000 - £50000 pa

Location: UK Wide

Pension Consultant

Salary: £40000 - £55000 pa

Location: West Yorkshire