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Consultation responses 2011

We regularly respond to consultative documents on behalf of our membership. The archive of our responses is available for you to download documents you require in pdf format. Click on the relevant links below to view the available documents.


  1. Automatic Enrolment and the National Employment Savings Trust

    PMI response to Work and Pensions Committee consultation

  2. Contracting-out and Modification of Schemes Amendment - Regs 2012

    PMI response to DWP consultation

  3. Legislative Framework for Automatic Enrolment

    PMI response to DWP consultation

  4. The 2012/13 Pension Protection Levy

    PMI response to consultation paper from the Pension Protection Fund

  5. Quarterly Consultation (no. 30)

    PMI response to FSA consultation document

  6. Employer Asset-backed Pension Contributions

    PMI response to HM Treasury consultation document

  7. Employer Debt - Section 75 of the Pensions Act - 1995

    PMI response to DWP consultation document

  8. Occupational Pensions - Assignment Forfeiture Bankruptcy - Regs 1997

    PMI response to DWP consultation

  9. A State Pension for the 21st Century

    PMI response to DWP consultation

  10. TM1: Statutory Money Purchase Illustrations

    PMI response to the Board for Actuarial Standards

  11. Consultation on the Fair Deal Policy

    PMI response to conmsultation paper from HM Treasury

  12. TM1: Statutory Money Purchase - Mortality Improvement Assumptions

    PMI response to Board for Actuarial Standards illustration document

  13. Enabling Good Member Outcomes in Work-based Pension Provision

    PMI response to consultation from the Pension Regulator

  14. Differences Between Occupational and Workplace Personal Pensions

    PMI response to DWP Consultation - preparing for Automatic Enrolment

  15. Default Defined Contribution Automatic Enrolment Pension Schemes

    PMI response to DWP public consultation

  16. Meeting High Annual Allowance Charges from Pension Benefits

    PMI response to consultation document from HM Treasury

  17. Pension Quality Mark

    PMI response to consultation paper