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Consultation responses - archive

We regularly respond to consultative documents on behalf of our membership. The archive of our responses is available for you to download documents you require in pdf format. Click on the relevant links below to view the available documents.


  1. Structure of New BAS Standards

    PMI's response to a consultation paper from the Board of Acturial Standards

  2. The Financial Reporting of Pensions

    PMI's response to an ASB discussion paper

  3. Building Personal Accounts - Securing Retirement Income

    PMI's response to PADA consultation paper

  4. Draft Pensions Regulator Regulations

    PMI's response to a DWP consultation paper

  5. Reporting Acturial Standards

    PMi's response to a consultation by the Board of Acturial Standards

  6. Private Pensions Deregulatory Review - Payments to Employers

    PMI's response to DWP discussion paper

  7. Draft Regulations - Employer Debt

    PMI's response to DWP consultation paper

  8. Review of Pension Scheme Disclosure Information Requirements

    PMi's response to a DWP consultation paper

  9. Draft Scheme Order and Rules

    PMi's response to a joint consultation papaer from DWP and Personal Accounts Delivery Authority (PADA)

  10. Workplace Personal Pensions and Group SIPP - Default Options

    PMI's response to a DWP consultation paper

  11. PPF Section 161 Contracts Consultation

    PMI Letter to Pension Protection Fund

  12. Building Personal Accounts - Designing an Investment Approach

    PMI's response to a PADA consultation paper