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Qualification documents

Evidence record sheets

These are examples of documents you can use to record and track candidate evidence collection in each work based unit.

2017 onwards version

Evidence record sheets can be found from the links at the bottom of this page.

Assessment planning and unit tracking (2017 onwards version)

An assessment planning record, assessment record and unit tracking document can be found from the links at the bottom of this page.

Evidence record sheets (pre 2017 version)

Follow organisational rules, legislation and external regulations when managing customer service
Handle referred customer complaints
Implement quality improvments to customer service
Organise the delivery of reliable customer service
Plan, organise and control customer service operations
Process customer service complaints
Promote continuous improvement
Resolve customer service problems
Review the quality of customer service
Work with others to improve customer service 

Dealing with pension scheme complaints, errors and omissions
Identify and recommend a potential improvement to pensions administration process
Implement an essential change to retirement pension administration
Implementation of a pension sharing order
Process pension increases to pensions in payment
Winding up a registered pension scheme
Personal development and colleague support for administrators if pension schemes

Assessment Record

Unit Selection and Tracking Form


  1. DPA Evidence Record Sheets Word versions 2017 onwards

    DPA Evidence Record Sheets. Word version. 2017 onwards.

  2. DPA Evidence Record Sheets PDF versions 2017 onwards

    DPA Evidence Record Sheets PDF versions 2017 onwards

  3. CPA/DPA Assessment Planning

    CPA/DPA Assessment Planning Record for 2017 onwards units

  4. DPA Unit Tracking

    DPA Unit Tracking Document for 2017 onwards version units

  5. DPA Assessment Record 2017 onwards

    DPA Assessment Record Sheet (pdf version)